Latest version: 0.23

Tested on XChat 2.6.1 and 2.6.8 only, but should work on other as well.

The XChat plugin designed to filter out all unwanted messages and put them into seperate tab/window. You may filter one or group of nicknames from one or all channels you are in. Very useful especially over QuakeNet where almost every channel use to have some -spam- or -game- bot with similiar nicknames like [ServeMe]XX where XX is number of the bot.


File Type Version Date .so plugin file 0.23 15/02/2007
servemefilter.c .c source file 0.23 15/02/2007


Unpack it and in the Window menu go to "Plugins and Scripts..." and load it manually from there.
The other method is to upload the file into your ~/.xchat2/ directory. Xchat will automatically load the plugin next time you start up.

Type /SERVEMEFILTER HELP in any channel/other window for more info help.


If you want to make your own specific ServeMeFilter plugin version with other than current default start settings or just make some other upgrades/changes feel free to download source code and do so.

Compile it like that:
gcc -Wl,--export-dynamic -Wall -O1 -shared -fPIC servemefilter.c -o


Plast, plast at quakeworld dot pl.

Known bugs:

  • If you choose to load plugin when xchat starts the tab name may be like your nickname instead of default name, that will change with first filtered message.
  • If you use highlighting tabs/windows for some words and those words happen to be in filtered message when that message occurs, all tabs/windows will change color even if the message is not visible. It seems like xchat is doing this before plugin may drop the message.
  • From version 0.23 the tab shouldn't be automatically changed with every filtered message from current channel (I agree it was very annoying). Older version (0.22 25/08/2006) still has got that bug so please update ASAP.